Recruiting Newbie – Do this…

Starting your first job as a recruiter can be scary but here are 5 tips that I have learned along the way.

Be a willing learner.

Being able to be coached is a key recruiter requirement. Poor listeners and know-it-all are not likely to do well in a recruiting environment.

Be brave.

Making a cold call, interviewing a candidate, negotiating salaries are all in a day’s work, so being brave enough to have those conversations will make things go a lot smoother.

Treat candidates well.

Remember these candidates may not be a good fit for this position you are currently working on but they could be the right fit for a position you are in charge of in the near future, so be kind.


Listen, learn, and try new things. But don’t suffer in silence. If you don’t understand, ask. Be polite; make sure the person you are asking is not in the middle of a call. Ask if they have time. But ask your question.

Take notes.

In training, when being coached, when your mentor gives a tip. Write it down. Review later. And implement.

Starting a new position regardless of what career path you choose can be scary but if you are about to be a recruiter for the first time follow these tips above and you will be fine.

By Artyse Esannason | People Science Talent Advisor

From our inception in 1997, companies have relied on People Science to “break the code” of their toughest and most complicated recruiting efforts. Acknowledging the importance of taking a fresh approach when in a War for Talent, we challenge ourselves to create processes, methodology and “out of the box” recruiting ideas to bring resolution to our clients’ critical staffing goals. As a result we have completed many RPO projects in our tenure and consider ourselves pioneers in the field of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). People Science provides End to End, Augmentation and Project RPO Services.

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