Recognizing and Rewarding Service Excellence

You should take every opportunity you can to review customer success stories in staff meetings and team meetings. By celebrating your customer success it will help create a customer focused culture from the inside out. 

Just as important as celebrating your success, is the focus on continuous improvement. Your culture should celebrate your service success, but not be satisfied with the status quo.

Your leaders should support an environment where you learn from your mistakes to prevent them from reoccurring, and apply that learning to enhance your customer service.

For those in a management or supervisory position, it is critical that you become coaches, facilitators and cheerleaders for the customer experience.

By recognizing and rewarding valued service behaviors and actions, leaders will create enthusiasm and momentum for continuous improvement. 

While this focus, attention and feedback from leaders is critical, often times the best recognition and feedback is peer-to-peer, work group to work group and yes, even employee to direct supervisor.

When you create a culture where everyone is focused on serving, you will drive intense levels of customer loyalty.

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