Reasons to Embrace Cloud-Based Recruiting Software

With the advances that have been made in cloud-based software, there is almost no reason to continue putting off making the switch to a cloud-based recruiting solution. Here are some things that you might want to think about before updating your current system:

More opportunity for collaboration
Cloud-based software will allow you to share your recruiting candidates with the rest of your coworkers. This means that you’ll have more chances to duplicate job ads and/or split any fees.

It will streamline the entire recruitment process
The way it works now, every recruiter on your team may have a process of their own, whether it is using a spreadsheet or several Word documents to manage all of their job ads. Cloud-based recruitment software frees you from all of that by letting you set up templates that can be used throughout the organization. That includes job ad templates, reports, and even email templates.

It makes all of your information more accessible
Your recruitment database will be able to be accessed from any computer with an internet connection. The freedom that this will give your team is unprecedented. No matter where they are or which device they use (laptop, smartphone, tablet or computer) everyone can have access to the same database of information. This feature alone is worth the price of admission.

You will see your IT costs plummet
IT costs related to recruitment can be dramatically reduced by using cloud-based software. You’ll experience greater freedom from rising IT costs as you won’t be required to maintain a network and servers of your own. IT support contracts are costly, but with cloud-based software, the burden of support and maintenance is completely on the side of the software provider.

Only one database means that everyone is singing from the same page
When each recruiter maintains their own separate records via various spreadsheets and Word documents, information can easily be lost or errors can be introduced along the way. A single database means that everyone has access to all of the most up-to-date information that is available. That means fewer errors and lost information.

You will be able to scale your business more easily
Of course your agency has plans to grow. Cloud-based software is going to make it easier for you to grow as big as you want, as fast as you can manage it. With a few clicks, you can add one or more new users. And there is never any more software to install. And the bonus is that training time is kept to a bare minimum because cloud-based software is incredibly user friendly.

Your business will always have the latest software version
In the old days of licensed software, updates were time consuming and headache inducing. With cloud-based versions, there is none of that hassle. Whenever the software company has an update, it is automatically taken care of without anyone on your side ever having to push a button or insert a disc. You’ll simply find one morning after you have logged in that all of your upgrades have almost magically been added for you. How wonderful is that?

Has your agency ever considered switching to a cloud-based recruitment solution? If so, did you find that it made your life easier?

Marleen Anderson is part of the team behind Saxons, Australia-based company providing IT support services and IT training. She is a great technology addict with huge interest in entrepreneurship.

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