Ready to Enhance Your LMS Experience?

Enhance Your LMS ExperienceBreaking up is hard to do. But, when it comes to your learning management system, it can be the right decision to increase engagement and reduce the impact on your already strained budget.

If you are ready to make a switch, you are definitely not alone.

47%  of organizations intend to replace their LMS, according to a survey conducted in 2012 and reported on in “The Race to Replace: Results From the 2012 LMS Trends Survey” from the Brandon Hall Group.

58% percent of companies that implemented their LMS five or more years ago intend to replace it.

A business owner may invest in an LMS for the right reasons but systems age and need to be replaced. To enhance your LMS experience, use the questions below to evaluate three points that are crucial to a platform’s effectiveness as you review your options:

  • The suitability of your online work environment
  • How simple it is to access the system through mobile technologies
  • Whether or not the platform is user friendly for employees

Is your LMS seen as an online workplace?

Your LMS is a place for collaboration and communication (mobile conversations, departmental networking, archived material, quick tips, and training courses). Take full advantage of the many features a social LMS offers. Also, make sure your employees know how to use these tools, see the benefits of using them, and depend on the system to execute related business tasks.

Are your employees able to access the LMS through mobile technologies?

If your employees only have access to the content on your LMS at work, there is little incentive to use this platform as a way of interacting and collaborating. When your employees can access what they need, when they need it, the LMS platform becomes an essential tool for doing their jobs.

How user friendly is your LMS?

Make sure you subscribe to an LMS that focuses on user friendly experiences. When employees feel comfortable with an LMS, they may be more inclined to make use of its available tools. For this reason, it is best to avoid an LMS that is not “intuitive, responsive, fast, and targeted”. This minimizes employee frustration.

TOPYX is an award winning social learning management system with an intuitive design, easy-to-use tools, and cloud-based accessibility. Integrating TOPYX into an established workplace makes it simple to promote online communication, collaboration, and information sharing.

You are not stuck with legacy system.  Take the first step and request a free demo of TOPYX and experience the simplest way to make the most of an new eLearning platform.

This software provides a platform for employees to connect with information, learning content, and one another. Enhance your LMS experience by making sure it is user friendly, accessible on mobile devices, and seen as an online workplace. After all, it is an extension of your business.

Jeffrey A. Roth
Vice President, Marketing and Communications
[email protected]

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