REACH: A Vicarious Conference Experience with David Zinger

Join me (vicariously) at the Vital Smart’s REACH 2010 Conference.

Salt Lake City August 4 and 5th. I am attending (and presenting) at the Vital Smarts Reach 2010 Conference on Wednesday and Thursday in Salt Lake City. The primary purpose of the conference is to focus on learning and the key concepts from Vital Smarts powerful set of courses: Crucial Conversations, Crucial Confrontations, and the Influencer.  I facilitate all 3 courses and look forward to what I will learn to improve my facilitation and enhance my participants’ learning and results.

Employee Engagement. I believe these 3 courses are powerful tools in employee engagement and my focus will be on applying what I learn to enhancing your approaches to employee engagement. I will write short blog posts and I will also twitter anecdotes and learning nuggets from the conference.

New Conference Tool. I recently purchased a used ipad (yes, people are already selling them used). I have downloaded a number of excellent PDF’s on employee engagement to read on my flights and I plan to use the tool during the conference for occasional notes and twitter updates. I have heard mixed reviews about this device but I believe I will personally find it invaluable. I have found great value in the following apps (applications): FeeddlerRSS, GoodReader, iAnnotatePDF, Evernote, Flipboard, TweetDeck, Keynote, and iBooks. If you have a favorite application for the ipad, let me know.

Learning from Dr. Albert Bandura. My background is in counselling psychology and I taught Educational Psychology at the University of Manitoba for about 25 years. I have always been impressed by the research and thinking of Dr. Albert Bandura and his work on self-efficacy. Dr. Bandura will be at the conference and this will be a personal highlight for me. I remember reading his article on The Psychology of Chance Encounters and Life Paths back in 1982 and having it influence my viewpoint on career counselling.

Future Steps.

  • Read future blog posts.
  • Next post: A preview of my session on Extend Your REACH into Employee Engagement.
  • Follow travel and conference snippets on Twitter:
  • Follow the Twitter hashtag for the conference #RCH10.
  • Learn more about Bandura’s ideas on self-efficacy at this comprehensive site.

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