Ray Kurzweil meet Google, Google meet Singularity

With bated breath, we have for years listened to and enjoyed Ray Kurzweil wax on the future of man’s relationship with technology.

If you’re not familiar Kurzweil’s thoughts and works, or even if you don’t agree with them, conceptually they are quite elegant and at the very least quite thought provoking.  Here’s a little glimpse into his thoughts for those new to his idea of “Singularity”:

Watch Ray Kurzweil on Singularity

In a way (albeit a very small way), we like to think of our team at Orbital as a group of futurists; a team who strive to help organizations meld their talent, ideas and technology to reach their fullest potential.  With that hope in mind, this recent commentary at Tech Crunch Disrupt from Eric Schmidt, the renowned CEO of Google, resonated with us.

Schmidt is discussing what some have referred to as “Autonomous Search,” an idea where your Search Engine is active and running in the background of your life at all times.  In essence, a computer program is being designed to give you the information you need, before you even realize you need it.

In “Schmidt’s Utopia,” this technology represents an advancement in general human happiness, essentially by giving people back their time.  Other folks have some slightly more distopic outlook.

Watch Eric Schmidt at Tech Crunch Disrupt

Either way, some of the language is so Kurzweil-esque it’s as if we can see the gears of Singularity turning right in front of our eyes. And really, it’s pretty exciting.

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