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Have you wondered how your recognition efforts measure up against best practices? Do you want to make improvements but need to identify exactly where to start? I’m sure most of us are on the lookout for insights that help tell us how we’re doing and suggest areas for improvement—but identifying those opportunities isn’t always easy.

For the past few weeks, I’ve had a recurring conversation about this with my colleague, Pam. In fact, I’ve sort of been stalking her. The parking lot, the hallway, the cafeteria. No place has been safe for poor Pam. I’m pretty sure she’s now taking alternate pathways around the office to avoid me. Our conversations are short, and lately they’ve gone something like this:

Me: Is it ready? Can I blog about it, yet??!

Pam: Not yet. But you’ll be the first to know.

Well, hold on to your hats, kids! Today Pam dropped by my desk with a big smile and handed me the link for this:

Behold, our new Recognition Grader!  I am super excited to be able to finally share it with you, because I think it is a terrific tool. This 10 question, multiple-choice quiz will evaluate your existing recognition efforts based on best practices and identify where you’re doing really well and what could use some work.

Once you take the short quiz, you’ll get a quick glance at your results that will look something like this.

Then you can click through to a detailed analysis of how your company measures in metrics like strategy, reach, scope, spend, measurement and program management.

Here’s an excerpt of what that looks like:

This tool is packed full of useful information and helpful tips based on time-tested best practices, and backed up by industry metrics. I think you’ll find it all very informative to help you frame your thinking and get a baseline for your organization.

You should check it out.


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