Ranting Against Employee Engagement Evangelists

Be Small. Do Good Work. That is Enough.

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Recently, I have noticed more experts referring to themselves, or having other refer to them as evangelists. Evangelist means  a person and especially a preacher who tries to convince people to become Christian or someone who speaks with “great” enthusiasm.  We don’t need to convert people to employee engagement. We need to respect, empower, listen and get out of the way. If you want to evangelize then go to a church and preach to your hearts content. If you want to make a difference at work:

stop cajoling -> start accepting

stop preaching -> start teaching

stop telling -> start asking

stop speaking -> start listening

stop presenting -> start facilitating

stop owning -> start sharing

stop the sermon -> start serving

stop shouting -> start whispering

stop getting -> start letting

stop fearing -> start caring

stop commanding -> start inviting

stop doubting -> start trusting

 David Zinger Employee Engagement Speaker and Expert

David Zinger believes in small, simple, strong, significant and sustainable actions to take steps in the right direction in employee engagement. Contact him if you dare to be small and good with your work.

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