Raise Productivity; Whole-Ass Your Efforts

Raise Productivity; Whole-Ass Your Efforts

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LikeHack founder Jane Smorodnikova pointed me to an excellent video about productivity on a blog called Sparring Mind that is owned and written by Gregory Ciotti, the marketing director of a Boston startup called Help Scout.

Some of what’s included

  • Why worrying about having “more willpower” is a fool’s game
  • How world class experts stay productive… and what they do differently
  • The science behind why better energy management = a more productive you
  • Big pitfalls that lead to busywork and procrastination

I’m sharing the video, but the accompanying article is worth your time.

I especially like Ciotti’s closing line,Multitasking is your enemy: Treat it as such. Block out unwanted distractions and as Ron Swanson would say, “Never half-ass two things, whole-ass one thing.”

Based on today’s love affair with multitasking, the number of half-assed things being done could fill the cloud.

YouTube credit: Asap SCIENCE

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