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A potential candidate

I received this email today from Robert Patterson, the VP of Research for Distinguished Professionals Online.     Well, at least I think it was for me.  It is kind of hard to tell since the research didn’t actually extend far enough for them to determine my name.

Still, I am honored and I can hardly wait to join.

Distinguished Professionals Online

Dear ,

You were recently chosen as a potential candidate to represent your professional community in the 2010/2011 Edition of Distinguished Professionals Online.

We are please to inform you that your candidacy was formally approved March 15th, 2010. Congratulations.

The Publishing Committee selected you as a potential candidate based not only upon your current standing, but focusing as well on criteria from executive and professional directories, associations, and trade journals. Given your background, the Director believes your profile makes a fitting addition to our publication and our online network.

There is no fee nor obligation to be listed. As we are working off of secondary sources, we must receive verification from you that your profile is accurate. After receiving verification, we will validate your online listing within 7 business days.

Once finalized, your listing will share prominent registry space with thousands of fellow accomplished individuals across the globe, each representing accomplishment within their own geographical area.

To verify your profile and accept the candidacy, please visit here. Our registration deadline for this year’s candidates is May 25th, 2010. To ensure you are included, we must receive your verification on or before this date. On behalf of our Committee I salute your achievement and welcome you to our association.

Robert Patterson
Vice President, Research Division

Distinguished Professionals Online
26 Bond Street
Westbury, NY 11542, USA

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