Question: When do I give up?

sisyfosNo, I am not quitting my job, I am not going to shut down my blog, and I am not ready to stop believing in the potential of humans. I meet a lot of people both at work and in other settings that are unmotivated and unhappy with their life/job situation. In my values I do believe that every single human being has the potential of greatness, at least to some degree. So it makes me sad to meet people I cannot help. So when do I give up? – I do not have the answer, and I hope you can help.

I am also wondering if this is my fault?
I am not able to motivate everybody, some people seems beyond salvation. Is there anything I can do differently? It hurts to give up on good people and I think I might just be wasting time one some. What should I look for in the beginning? Is it possible to motivate people that do not want to be motivated?

When I do give up
How should I proceed with my employee/client/friend to end the relationship in a good way? This is really haunting me as I have such a strong belief in human capacities.

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