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Mark Fidelman
Author, Socialized

Mobile Devices. “It’s the same as what I’m excited about. I find myself tuning in to a mobile device sometimes when I should be paying more attention to my kids.

“The worst offender contributing to this is a game called Candy Crush. It becomes so addicting that that’s what you’re doing instead of hanging out your family.

“There is an addictive quality to our mobile devices. Just look at people walking down the streets these days. Four years ago, they weren’t all staring into their phone. Now they’re all bumping into each other because they’re so into their phone.

“We’ve got to figure out a healthy balance. I know everybody says that…but we really do have to figure that out.”

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Let’s Disrupt This!
Mark is simply being more honest than most of us. We all know we have to figure out a better balance between our online activities and our actual lives, yet how many of us actually do that! 

Every one of your devices has an off button. Use it! If you can’t… At least pick x-hours per day in which you’ll only look at the people around you, or only engage in that activity with the phone or pad in the other room or in your purse.

Let’s start living the life we want inscribed on our tombstone!

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