PROVEN: Recognition Increases Employee Accuracy and Productivity

Recognize This! – Improving productivity is pointless unless those increased results are also accurate.

Today I am leading my second to last workshop on how to “Build Your Winning Culture of Recognition” in Chicago. I’m excited to again be working with HR Pros to design the business case for recognition that works best for their own organizations.

Why does this matter so much to me? Aside from my belief that all organization leaders are responsible for creating a powerful, positive culture in which employees can engage and thrive, creating such a work environment also helps employees be more productive. Recent research reported in Open Forum shows:

“Alice Isen of Cornell University’s Johnson School has demonstrated how tiny events triggering positive feelings can achieve these effects. One of her studies revealed that physicians who were given some positive reinforcement were more likely to make an accurate diagnosis than those who weren’t. … [Doctors receiving positive reinforcement] considered a broader range of treatment options, and patients reported better doctor-patient relationships. Decoding the dynamics went something like this: the small token gift evoked the positive emotion of gratitude in the recipient, who not only then felt good, but also had the urge to repay the act and continue an upward spiral of increasing reciprocity, either directly or by ‘paying it forward’ to others.”

I have one final workshop on Thursday, 17th November, in San Francisco. I hope if you’re local to that area you’ll be able to come. It’s not too late to register. Be sure to use code RECOGNIZETHIS for half-off the registration price.

For those unable to attend my workshop, I highly recommend a webinar tomorrow, 15th November (3:00 Eastern) with Analyst Stacia Garr of Bersin and Associates and Globoforce VP of Product, Grant Beckett. Stacia and Grant will be discussing “Social Recognition’s Role in Driving the Culture Your Organization Wants.”

In this webcast, you will learn:

  • The role of social recognition in moving toward ongoing performance management
  • The elements of a High-Impact Learning Culture and how social recognition can be used to reinforce them
  • Examples of how companies are effectively leveraging social recognition

What kind of culture do you have in your organization today? Does it foster highly engaged, productive employees or just the opposite? What kind of culture do you wish you had?

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