Proof that social media DOES work

The million dollar question we (and other agencies like us) are often asked, is ‘how can you evaluate social media’ or more directly – ‘will it impact the bottom line.’

At Rabbit we’re shortly publishing our favourite 20 – free that anyone can use – social media sentiment monitoring tools, but a report published in emarketer is also useful.

According to a US study, more than half of Facebook fans (of a brand) are likely to make a purchase, while 67% of Twitter followers reported the same.

6/10 Facebook fans also said they’d be more likely to recommend the brand to friends, among Twitter users that increased to 8/10.

And the main reason people followed brands on Facebook?   To receive discounts and promotions, so though not the most creative tactic in the book, straight forward Facebook competitions and give-aways can work.

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