Proof that online content creation works

What’s the justification for putting budget behind on-site online content?  How about a 152% increase in landing traffic.

That’s the headline figure from a post in the Marketing Sherpa blog by David Kirkpatrick

David’s post lists a case study from centerbeam, a ‘technology infrastructure company’ – basically a b2b IT business.  centerbeam used to use tele and email sales as well as a pay per click search programme.   The latter wasn’t working so money was put into content marketing instead.

An outside supplier was contracted to create 50 articles on the site per month, the content had to be exclusive to the centerbeam site, it was keyword optimised and broken into six topics.

The content isn’t simply SEO fodder, a look at the centerbeam news page displays the type of headings that someone interested in (say) Cloud Computing would be interested in.  In other words, there is a focus on quality as well as quantity and stuffing copy with keywords.

The results?

First of all centerbeam successfully applied to be listed within Google News, if someone did search for Cloud Computing or Green IT they might come across a CenterBeam piece.   I’d think primarily as a result of that, visitors from non paid search is up 43%, google search performance is up 56% and news landing page traffic is up 152%.

Two observations though.  First of all in the nicest way possible, the site design isn’t great and the content doesn’t link through to other areas that might give me more information and cause me to stay.

Secondly , there is no obvious button to share the content they’ve spent money creating.   Content + Search is a good approach.   Content + Social + Search is better.

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