Project: Social Reboot

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to start by saying thank you to everyone that’s kept Project: Social going over the past several months. Ben and I have been busy with so much stuff lately that we haven’t been able to give it the attention it deserves. Honestly, you didn’t need us! With little input or direction Lance Haun and his partner Pawan Tahilramani are rocking it. In particular, I really love the direction that Lyn Hoyt, Dave Ryan, and Laura Schroeder have taken it. Rather than outlining clear mentor/mentee roles, it appears that what’s emerged is a self-sustaining community of learning. Knowledge is flowing between participants, with no one person in charge. There’s an active commitment to supporting each other’s efforts, which are built around a common theme. There’s no clear delineation of roles and everyone seems to be gaining something from the experiences.

It’s this community spirit that prompted the creation of ProjectSocial and should remain at its heart. Let’s face it, we’re all adults and we know how to find the answers to most questions about social media. What we don’t always have is a vibrant support system. By support system I mean like-minded people that’ll take the time to work with you to really develop those answers, and to assist in tackling new ones. Right now the current structure of PS doesn’t create community. Once mentor pairs are formed they’re on their own. A community needs a collective space where conversations, partnerships, and action can take place. 

Which leads me to a proposal for all of you…

I just set-up a space on Ning for ProjectSocial. It has some of the capabilities (such as forums, the ability to add apps) I believe might help to grow the community. It’s open to anyone that believes in what PS is about. Of course, this is just my opinion, so feel free to check it out, play with the features of the site, and let me know if it’s an idea worth exploring. More importantly, let’s jump start the conversations about ProjectSocial. What is its purpose? How do we work to ensure that it can become a self-sustaining community? And, regardless of the future of PS, what can I do to help you be better?

Thanks again for all of your work and support of ProjectSocial! I look forward to seeing what develops.

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