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One of the early goals of project social was to see how different themes drove more visits and comments. My project social partner Dave Ryan and I are occasionally (OK, frequently) baffled by which posts get lots of traffic, which receive the most comments and which are comparatively ignored.

Which makes it interesting to take stock at the beginning of a new year to see which posts were the most popular overall and compare these to the ones we thought were the best.  It turns out that personal preference is rarely a reliable indicator of popularity.

To demonstrate this point, Dave, Lyn and I are taking this opportunity to review our blog stats and find out which posts were the most viewed, the most commented and also list our personal favorite posts.

Lessons learned:

  • People like trends, lists and carnivals. 
  • Sometimes you strike a chord. 
  • Sometimes you don’t.
  • That’s all I’ve got.

Without further adieu, here are the top Working Girl posts of all time and be sure to check out what Dave and Lyn have to say over at HR Official and HR Bacon Hut.  It’s like a little carnival! 

Top 5 Most Viewed: 
#1: Project Social: The Dark Side of HR – A hard-hitting look at the dark underbelly of HR, mahahahaha!!!
#2: The Top Talent Management Trends of 2011 – Find out if any of my predictions actually came true…
#3: Business Is About Community – A heart warming story of community in action at the workplace
#4: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective 5-Year-Olds – Now a best selling business book (just kidding)
#5: Top 10 Tips for Managers – This post is pretty much what it sounds like

Top 5 Highest Commented:
#1 January 5 Carnival of HR: Reflections, Resolutions, Predictions and Rants – A great new year line up of HR goodness from your favorite HR bloggers!
#2 Project Social: Let’s Clique – Inaugural project social post
#3 The Top Talent Management Trends of 2011 
#4 The 7 Habits of Highly Effective 5-Year-Olds
#5 On Leadership and Stinky Fish – Sorry, you just have to read it if you want to know what leaders and stinky fish have in common 

My Personal Favorites:
#1 Let’s Not Overdo This Qualifications Things – Companies should focus more on problem solving skills than formal qualifications because after 6 months it’s a wash what you did before.  (This advice obviously doesn’t apply to brain surgeons.)
#2 Teamwork or Talent? – Why it’s a crock to say that teams are more important than high performing individuals
#3 Well, You Can Always Pull a Tinkerbell – Before becoming a catty Peter Pan groupie Tinkerbell nearly destroyed Fairyland and then saved it with her amazing leadership skills and resourcefulness
#4 The 7 Habits of Highly Effective 5-Year-Olds
#5 I Want to Work for Diddy – An early post that explains everything you need to know about effective talent management

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