Professional Courtesy goes VIRAL!

As the creator of, not only am I proud to release our first viral video, but I hasten to point out I have certainly not acted alone. Professional Courtesy is a topic that should be at the forefront of public consciousness in all businesses and organizations. I am both humbled and honored by the support I have received.

Please allow me to thank Public Radio’s MARKETPLACE,, and for their ongoing commitment to showcasing our cause.

Additional kudos go to Denise Wauters of Paradise Web and Gates Rodenfels of Flying Pig Productions for their support of our viral marketing efforts. Of course, another big thank you is extended to my video co-stars, Barb Brandon and Kylie Campbell, for donating their time and considerable talent.

And now—on with the show!

Click here to view the video on YouTube.

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Marketing-company entrepreneur, humorist, editorial writer and speaker,  
Randall Kenneth Jones
, is on a mission—to restore professional courtesy to today’s somewhat thank-you-repressed workplace.

A project of Jones’s Naples, Florida-based agency, hopes to shed a positive light on the benefitsof professional courtesy relating to business relationships, written and verbal communication, profitability, proactive thinking, ethics, loyalty and business operations.


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