Productivity, Morale, and Staff Retention [Infographic]

Employee morale is directly linked to both productivity and staff retention. This infographic created by Yast breaks down the different areas where staff find satisfaction in their work, and why they choose to stay with their employer.

Eighty percent enjoy listening to music at work. Productivity is increased by 9% when employees are allowed to surf the web on personal sites. Over half of staff would appreciate a 10-minute outdoor break. And almost 2/3 staff said they would work harder if they were acknowledged for the good work they have done.

The reasons employees stay with the company are a bit different. The majority of employees stay at their current employer because they like what they do. Many feel a connection to the organization itself, while others stay for the salary and/or benefits.

What does your organization do to make your employees happy?

 employee productivity, morale, and staff retention infographic

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