Private Coaching Program

achievement 300x180 Private Coaching ProgramOver the past couple of years I’ve learned how to use social media and the Internet step-by-step to build my business online and grow it exponentially—without ME having to do all the work—the Internet and systems I have in place do it for me.

Because I’ve been getting a lot of questions about exactly HOW it is I have done this, I’ve decided to put together a private program for a few select people to work with me one on one. I’m only going to be opening up 4 spots and I’m not quite ready to release all the details yet, but if you’re at all interested, send an email to christine at communicatevalue dot com and I will send you the details when they are ready.

What kind of person might be a good fit for what I am putting together?

  • You’re tired of leaving money on the table because you don’t have a real, cohesive online presence
  • You’re ready for a roadmap to get you on the right path in your business and are committed to following it
  • You want step-by-step help from someone who has used and continues to use marketing techniques that bring them consistent clients, customers and cash flow
  • You are willing to do what is required in order to get to the next level in your business

I myself have my own coach and have had coaches in my life for years, so I know how crucial they are to one’s success.  I’m excited to be developing this new program for those of you who are finally ready to step up into a higher-level coaching program.

Over my time working with clients I’ve seen that the ones who are most successful have a consistent marketing system in place, AND they have someone who is holding them accountable.  If this sounds like something you might be ready for, shoot me an email and I will get you all the information when it is ready.

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Private Coaching Program

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