Power of connection

On Thursday afternoon, I am sitting on a Social Media panel, speaking to students.  Here are my topics:

  1. How can job seekers market themselves through social media?  
  2. What are the main sites to use?  What are the pitfalls to avoid?  
  3. What can a student do to clean up her online presence if she has unprofessional content online?  
  4. How can students find out about job openings through social media?  
  5. Are employers searching for employees through social media, and if so, how can a student enhance her chances of being recruited through social media?  
  6. How does a student build professional connections online, and what’s an appropriate way to contact someone at a company who might be a good resource?  
  7. Do you have any examples of candidates who have used social media effectively when seeking a position, or ineffectively?
I would love to show the benefit of social media.  Would you add a comment or two on the topics?  I will share you, your site, and your twitter handle with the students. 
Thanks for your help!  

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