Positive Experiences Lead to Positive Stories

I think there are certain professions that are more challenging than others to remain positive and to see every interaction as an opportunity to create delight.

Are you in one of those professions?

As I have written about previously and repeatedly, I think the service you get is a mirror image of the management to associate relationships from the service provider.

It is, however, interesting to note the radically different responses to the same service issues between the unfortunate negative example of Al compared to the extremely positive example of Michelle.

If you have not read those two stories, take a moment and read them both, and then stop and think about the following:

The people work for the same organization, with the same mission, the same safety policies, the same leaders, the same organizational challenges, but yet Al chose not to create positive experiences, and Michelle did, has and always will.

Which co-worker do you think is more positive and responsive to their internal co-workers?

Which co-worker do you think an associate would help by trading shifts, or accommodating a bidding request?

Which co-worker do you think creates positive stories from the guests they interact with?

Traveling today can be very challenging. I would argue that the most difficult journey is 18 inches. That’s the average distance between a person’s brain and their heart.

One final question, what type of stories are you going to create today?


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Positive Experiences = Positive Stories

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