Positive Demolition

“You know how I handle stress?” the workshop participant answered. “I use positive demolition.”

The speaker was a participant in a recent stress management class. He was one of a group of very busy technical managers with lots to do in the demanding and fast-paced environment of a global pharmachem company.

Positive Demolition, I echoed. “What’s that?”

He said: “Sometimes, what eases my stress the best is the opportunity to destroy something. Like busting down a wall so I can expand a room in my house. When I bust down a wall, I feel great. I take all my frustrations out on that wall.”

The other participants were enjoying this. They were each up against a lot of stress at work. Overloaded, overstretched, dumped on.

“I feel a lot better afterwards,” he said.

Listening to their discussion, I could tell that the wall was substituting for something (or someone) else that they wished they could pummel into dust.

Here are several ideas for how you can implement the principle of Positive Demolition…and reduce your stress:

Break – Take a break. Step away. Go for a walk. Change your scene.

Relax – Learn to relax. Try the three step approach: 1) Sit in a comfy chair 2) Breathing normally 3) With pleasant thoughts.

Exercise – Some form of physical exercise is highly recommended for building your body’s resilience against stress.

Analyze – What triggers your stress? Is it your boss? your customer? Identify your triggers and avoid them if possible.

Keep Busy – Don’t sit and stew in your own angry juices. Channel your energy into something positive such as your work, a project, or a relationship.

So go ahead. Try some Positive Demolition. Break things up, knock things down, take things apart. You may be glad you did.

Posted by Terrence Seamon on Sunday December 18, 2011

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