Portrait of the modern knowledge worker

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The concept of ‘knowledge worker’ which Peter Drucker coined in 1959, is perhaps not so clear (as shown again in a recent LinkedIn discussion – access potentially limited) and can be understood at …

Jay Cross‘s insight:

Brilliant. Desired traits in the modern knowledge worker:

Gifts and skills:

A synthetic mind that can ingest a lot of information and summarise it in clear and concise ways, perhaps using mnemonics.A pair of intently listening ears and eagerly observing eyes to pick up the signals around (and question them);Outstanding interpersonal communication skills helping to get in touch with a variety of people (in the same field of expertise and beyond);An open heart giving the emotional capacity to connect with others at a deeper level and build trust authentically;Good speaking and writing skills allowing to express oneself articulately so as to share knowledge more effectively – both with other people verbally and in writing;The capacity to read quickly and to remember things well;Typing blindly to write more quickly;Ideally, good facilitation skills to be able to tease out knowledge and information from other people and apply/combine them – but that is just an extra.


An open, curious, humble mind that keeps inquiring about everything, and does not settle for finished, definitive answers – the way a child would do rather than a self-engrossed expert – to keep on learning;A true curiosity to try new things out and add them to an array of experiences;A vision of one’s own development pathway and next priorities;Reflecting continually: every day, week or after every significant event, taking the time to ponder what just happened and what could have been done better, perhaps following the after action review principles;Reflecting in single, double and triple-loop learning, in practice;An attitude of ‘documenting on the spot’ (typing as people speak, live blogging, taking pictures and videos as things happen etc.);A strong self-discipline to systematically act upon all the above and reflect to improve again.


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