Pomodoro Technique 101

To get started, you only need a to-do task list and the Pomodoro Timer (affiliate link) or any 30-minute kitchen timer. Start with your first task in the list. Set the Pomodoro Timer to 30 minutes. Start working. Pay attention to the timer. If you reach the 25th minute, stop working and take a short 5 minute break. You might get tempted to just continue working but you must stop. You must follow the system. The 5-minute break must be a moment of just “not doing anything” – don’t check email, make calls, or any other source of distraction. If you finished the task in under 25 minutes, say 10 minutes, don’t stop the time. Use your extra 15 minutes to review the task. The 25-minute rule is set in stone. You cannot go under or over it.

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