Poison in the well or Redemption?

Would you hire Michael Vick?

Here is an employee with baggage- a felony criminal conviction lacking current skills, out of the workplace for 3+ years. Throw in the media storm around his employment and the employer (Philadelphia Eagles) this will be quite a circus.

On the other hand, he has technically paid his debt to society and should be allowed to make a decent living, pay taxes and contribute to society.

Are his actions so heinous that he would be poison in any well? Or has he redeemed himself and will make valuable contributions to the world?

With the perfect media orchestration of his signing, the timing of his interview on Sunday’s 60 minutes, Tony Dungy’s name thrown in to mitigate vitriol and the emphasis on his ‘accepting blame’, it all seems a little too contrived for me.

Those are my thoughts. Would you take him?

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