Play, Learn, Work

In my last post I mentioned Nollind Whachel’s sense-making process:

Connect = producing content
Empower = making sense of content patterns
Inspire = leap of logic, the patterns form a story, you see the bigger picture

Steve Scott combined Nollind’s suggestions and suggested this:

Seek + Connect = Play
Sense + Empower = Learn
Share + Inspire = Work

Both of these align with, and add to, the PKM framework of Seek-Sense-Share. Seeking works best with a playful attitude, exploring new possibilities in diverse networks with many connections in order to enhance serendipity. Sense-making, the most difficult aspect, requires a willingness to try new things, empowering through learning. Sharing is necessary in almost all work contexts today and it is through sharing that we can inspire and be inspired.

PKM focus attitude result

Here are some suggestions for doing this on your own.

Seek playfully to connect:

  • Stray outside your comfort zone (not your usual networks)
  • Try new activities
  • Test out new tools from time to time
  • Don’t worry about doing it “correctly”
  • Note: one PKM workshop participant cautioned, “There is a risk of getting stuck in seeking and not going further into sensing and acting on information.

Make sense and be empowered through learning:

  • Test out an expression medium, then try another
  • Find out what others have done, some practices are quite old
  • Make time for reflection
  • Put yourself out there
  • It’s fine to fail
  • Keep trying
  • Think of sense-making as a craft that has to be mastered over time

Share to inspire through your work:

  • Model behaviours of those who have shared and helped you
  • Narrate your work
  • Try to add value to what you share

PKM playfully learning

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