Planning the Perfect Wedding

Planning the perfect wedding can be difficult. You have the couple that is getting married and they might have different tastes or want different things. Not to mention family members who may want or expect certain things and trying to keep everyone happy can be a daunting task. I was very lucky in that my spouse wanted me to have what I wanted for the wedding so he didn’t ever put up a fight over anything. Thankfully my mom and I have similar tastes so planning my wedding was a great experience. This however, might not be the experience for everyone. Keep in mind some of the following tips when trying to plan the perfect wedding. First, keep in mind where you want to have your event. There are tons of options of different and unique places to hold your reception. For instance you could have your wedding at a golf club, a hotel, someone’s backyard, a museum, or even on a boat like I did. Find something that is special and unique to you and your spouse. A venue that will have meaning to you all throughout your married years. Another part of planning the perfect wedding is getting good wedding bands.

Music is key to a wedding a reception. It tends to be what people most remember. It can either make or break your celebration so make sure you go with someone who does good quality music. Working with a company who manages different bands might be the way to go in order to make things less of a headache for you. Always make sure you hear the bank perform prior to your event however so you have firsthand knowledge of how things are likely to go. Another aspect of the big day that we can’t overlook is the bride’s dress. This is your one moment to shine, and you want to make sure that you have the absolute perfect dress for the occasion. A good idea is to start the search early. It can be a long process to find the perfect gown. Even when you do find it, chances are that you might need to alter it in some way so make sure you have ample time for this. Make sure and get a good recommendation of a tailor from a close friend since it is such a special dress. My experience was quite unique in that I bought the very first wedding dress I tried on. I put it on and fell in love. I did spend months getting it tailored however. The other major piece to a wedding in my opinion is the food. You want to make sure your guests remember the food at your wedding fondly. I have been to too many receptions where the food either wasn’t good or didn’t seem fitting. Take the time to get a great caterer and spend some money on making sure there is good food. You will appreciate this later. So although a wedding can be a daunting thing to plan, keep in mind the big ticket items and focus on those and let everything else come together.

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