Planning: How To Create Plans That Get Work Done, Ease Your Stress & Make You Money

We all say that Planning is effective and necessary BUT we do a really bad job at planning. Many people see planning as just one step “Goal-Setting”…then wonder why no progress was made on the plan.

Option 1

Here is what you get;

  • A step by step model for Creating and Executing Effective Plans; that if followed and you do the work will generate profit for your team and/or you.
  • Team Based Planning & Decision Makingcreating a method for planning with your team that is understood and and shared. Making your life as a manager easier, because everyone knows the process.
  • Planning for ChangeChange happens and planning for it will make sure it happens and you are ready. This is a 5 step model complete with action steps for change.
  • Feedback on your plansOnce you have read the Planning Model and began to put your plan into action; email it to me and I will send you back written feedback and consulting PLUS more content, as needed, to make this plan work.

Option 2

Extra Stuff

Real Work Planning session with Mike (me)

  • I will work with you to make this plan stick
  • Providing feedback in real-time over the phone in a 1 on 1 format
  • Customization and adaptation of the methods to fit your team and processes



What does it cost?

Option 1

  • For the Content WITH OUT the Real Work Planning Session the value – $50.00

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Option 2

  • Option 2 – For the Content WITH the Real Work Planning Session the value – $250.00

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When will I receive my content section transcript?

  • Immediately upon purchase. It is sent in a zip file that contains all the Planning stuff you need.

When is the Planning field assignment due?

  • It would be great if you can send them to me within one week of receiving them. Although if you do not send them that fast that is also alright. I will read and respond to all the field assignments turned in within 72 hours.

When I can book the one-on-one with you?

  • Whenever you like, once you sign up I will email you with dates and availability you see what fits, if nothing fits we will work it out.

I am still not sure about this?

  • Alright call 1-716-629-3678 or email me mike (at), with your questions and I will answer them.


You can pay through your PayPal account or if you’d like to put it on a credit card, you can do that. (When you go to checkout, scroll down the PayPal page and it will give you a link that says “Don’t have a PayPal account? Use your credit card or bank account.” Click “continue”)

If you want to pay by a check…contact Mike and that will arranged.

If you have ANY problems with this AT ALL, call my office at 1-716-629-3678.


What Others Are Saying

"Michael is a gem in a field of trainers; he truly stands out, bringing his own brand of passion and enthusiasm to each individual training situation. Whether you have team building needs or training within a specific area, Michael dedicates his time and extensive training knowledge, translating your ideas into active, experience-based learning to ultimately achieve your organization’s desired goals."

Janine Tramont
Business Development & Special Programs
University at Buffalo School of Management
Buffalo, NY

"Michael helped me to find new training exercises when my creativity went blank. Even though we were thousands of kilometers far from each other, he took pictures, sent me detailed explanations and was really "here". I tested his exercise and it was fantastic for the purpose I had at that time. Michael definitely understood the issue I was facing. All this shows me the big heart Michael has, and how he is dedicated to people fulfillment."

Daniel Azarian
Certified Coach, Trainer, Facilitator, ACTraining
Marseille, Frances

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