Pizza Hut’s 140 second interview is a bad idea

Seems like Pizza Hut is trying a recruiting stunt at Austin’s Digital and Music festival, South by South West Interactive or SXSW as it’s known.

Forbes reports that it will hold 140 second interviews to select its Social Media Manager. Crazy or inspired? You decide. One thing is that is a great PR-able story. But as a HR person, I worry that Pizza Hut is focusing on the bells and whistles too much than actual potential.

Here are the details:

The interviews will last just 140 seconds as in the hyper speed,
think-on-your-feet social media space, Pizza Hut wants applicants who
can actually demonstrate their credentials
Candidates are asked to bring nothing more than their smartphones and ID to the interview.
Also, Pizza Hut notes that those who are interested can officially apply
for the position on the Pizza Hut careers page or during the interview
process, which will include a review of each person’s LinkedIn profile live via mobile device. No paper resumes! 
The official job description and responsibilities will be posted to the
Pizza Hut career’s mobile site and the company will conduct a another
round of interviews via Google+ on March 14.

 What do you think? Leave your impressions in the comments below?

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