Pixable launches Photofeed social photo discovery app for iPhones

Pixable launches the iPhone version of its Photofeed app. Pixable first launched Photofeed web version (as Facebook app) in January 2011 and the iPad version in February 2011. To date, the Pixable Facebook app has over 300,000 monthly active users.

The Photofeed app is a useful companion for social photo browsing, designed for use with key social photo sites, namely Facebook Photos, Flickr and Instagram. Using proprietary WonderRank technology, Photofeed app aggregates, dynamically organizes and display photos by analyzing variables associated with your Facebook account. Inaki Berenguer, Co-founder and CEO of Pixable wrote: “PhotoFeed uses machine learning algorithms to display the most interesting and relevant photos to an individual user and also allows them to subscribe to notifications of their friends’ photo activity.” The app also display popular pictures from Flickr and Instagram.

How does Pixable algorithm works?
Since this is Pixable’s secret sauce, what we call our WonderRank technology, the algorithm is not public knowledge. Suffice it to say that our system is very similar to other machine learning. We combine dozens of variables related to the user and to the photo.

Answered on Quora by Natalie Marsan, Community Manager for Pixable

Photofeed is in the photo consumption space. The following image (created by Pixable) nicely illustrates the flow of mobile social photo flow (and its key players):

On the Photofeed iPhone app, images aggregated are organized neatly into five different categories – Popular of the Day, Popular of the Week, New Profile Pics, Best of Flickr and Popular of Instagram. In each category, you can see a collection of thumbnails. Click on thumbnail to enlarge a picture. In the enlarged mode, you can set the app to display photos in slideshow mode. You can also save the picture into your iPhone or email it to your friends.

Categorized Photos on Photofeed

Collection of Popular Pictures on Flickr

Photos Browsing on Photofeed

It’s a good app to discover photos posted by your friends on Facebook. You can receive notifications whenever your friends add photos, comment, like, comment on or tagged in a photo. Most importantly, Photofeed app aids serendipitous discovery of interesting images. To kill time or boredom, use this app to treat yourself to some quality eye candy.

The Expanding Universe of Social Photo

Photo sharing on Facebook is exploding and there will be an estimated total of 100 billion photos on Facebook by summer 2011. See below an infographic created by Pixable. The unabated growth of Facebook Photos and other social photo sites is creating a need for better tools to enhance the social photo browsing experience and Pixable is betting on this.

In addition to Photofeed, Pixable have two other products, namely Photobooks – create a photo book using your Facebook Photos and Pocketpix – create a virtual / physical collection of Facebook Photos.

Pixable launches Photofeed social photo discovery app for iPhones originally appeared on GreyReview on April 7, 2011.

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