PIP Mag Talks to Dave Peer about the Benefits of Traditional Incentive Distributors

The recently released March/April 2012 edition of Premium Incentive Products (PIP) magazine features an article by guest columnist Ira Ozer, CPIM, titled, “10 Compelling Benefits of Traditional Incentive Distributors.” The article focuses on the reasons why many incentive companies are turning away from big retailers, such as Amazon, for their award fulfillment needs and coming back to incentive distribution houses.

Ozer states that the primary reasons for going with the big retailers in the first place were to be able to offer a broader selection of merchandise, and second, that the pricing seemed more attractive. As it turns out, this does not seem to be the case.

In the article, Ozer speaks to Hinda president Dave Peer about a couple of the benefits of using traditional incentive distributors. For one, incentive distributors tend to have longstanding industry experience in designing, administering and fulfilling programs for their clients. Peer says that these companies aren’t just interested in filling merchandise orders – they are committed to delivering a fully orchestrated system of recognition for program participants.

Additionally, Peer notes that incentive distribution companies are able to offer special events to their clients that retailers are not. Hinda offers the “Warehouse Dash” event in which program participants are given a specific amount of time to run up and down the aisles and grab as much merch as they can. Several other distributors offer similar events, and excitement is built around this premise, with food, music and cheering. Since distributors control their own warehouse space, this type of event is much more plausible than it would be with a big retailer.

Find out more reasons why companies are choosing traditional incentive distributors by clicking here.

PIP also showed some love this month to Hinda’s corporate social responsibility partner Helping Hand Rewards (HHR). The magazine features HHR product L.I.F.E. Jackets in its latest issue. Check out the blurb here and visit Helping Hand Rewards to browse more socially responsible merchandise options.

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