Pinstripe Healthcare Celebrates HR Professionals for Driving Talent Strategies and Enabling Positive Change

March 17-23 is Health Care HR week, and Pinstripe Healthcare would like to tip our virtual caps to all healthcare partners and HR friends, extend a note of thanks and show our gratitude for a never-ending, tireless job well done. This week is about you, and we feel honored to join in celebrating your efforts.

Thank you

Health Care HR week is meant to appreciate and celebrate HR professionals across the healthcare industry for continuing to drive talent strategies and enable positive change through the services they provide. This work is vital, as your efforts directly impact leaders and employees at all levels, prospective candidates and ultimately the quality of care patients receive. Health Care HR week may only last seven days, but you deserve endless praise for striving to not only attract, hire and retain top-quality talent but drive strategic improvement.

We appreciate healthcare HR professionals and want to congratulate each of you for making a difference not only across your organization, but across the industry. For all that you do, Pinstripe Healthcare would like to say, “Thank You.”

Wishing you all the best,

The Pinstripe Healthcare Leadership Team:
Jill Schwieters
, Ashley Gouge, Diane Fleischmann, Jennifer Mann, Judi Dorazio, Kristen Wright, Lauren Trollope, Mark Tippery, Mike Soisson, Shelly Olejniczak, Tara Cassady

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