Picking up where we left off

A new start

This site has just changed web hosts, and will be undergoing some adjustments here and there as it settles in to its new home. Please do bear with me during this.

I would like to note that the hiatus in activity here this past year or so notwithstanding, I have not abandoned the argument – an important one, really – against the concept of leadership as perceived and promoted by the “Modern Leadership Movement” (MLM); I will be continuing it here presently. I hope I have not exhausted your patience, and that you will rejoin the discussion along with me.

In due course I will be assembling the posts related to this current subject – The fallacy of individual leadership – in to a series which will be published with various others in the series list in the right-hand sidebar. In the meanwhile, there may be those who wish to review what we have covered so far, and the ground we have remaining to traverse which is summarized here.

We will be picking the thread up in item #8 on that list: “By seeking a universal individual leadership model it fails to see how individuals in “leadership” positions learn on their own to evaluate what’s working, what isn’t, and how to adapt to keep things going or to improve them.”

See you in about a week!

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