Photo Inquiry Friday: When you reflect on your past, how do you recognize success?

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It was my birthday yesterday, April 5 2012 – I am now 35. This image above is from my 27 birthday when I was the Coordinator of the ‘Outdoor Youth Development Program’ for Clemson Universities 4H Camp Bob Cooper

As I reflect upon my 35 years, I spend most of my time looking for successes and trying to examine how the solutions to problems happened, who helped me, and what lessons I took from those solutions to make me who I am today.

I have been very fortunate to surround myself with smart, talented, loving people who were with me to recognize our shared successes and determine how to build upon our shared stories.

That will continue for another 35 years.


On with the inquiry:

When you reflect on your past, how do you recognize success?

  • What were you doing?
  • Who was there?
  • How did others, besides you recognize your success?
  • In what ways did you contribute to recognizing someone else’s success?
  • When you think of this success, when do you feel that same way today?
  • What might happen if, you recognize your own success more?
  • What might happen if, you surrounded yourself with people who recognized your success more?
  • How can you recognize others success more?

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