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Photo Inquiry Friday: What would need to happen for you to be one step higher?

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This week I was in Pittsburgh PA, working with a corporate group then a school teachers group. While both teams are different the experiential method and processing questions tend to be similar. The difference is seen in the people and how they are motivated to learn, improve and build their team & leadership skills and by their knowledge of each other and the systems that run their organizations.

With both groups I led ZOOMan active simulation with the outcomes of;

  • Developing a shared process for planning therefore enabling the execution to take place quicker and with less stress.
  • Team members develop the understanding of how others need to have high amounts of access to information or low amount of access to information. Creating a streamlined communication system where the ideas are accepted and absorbed quickly so the execution and return on investment happen.
  • Teams develop a system that drives improved results and less wasted time on sharing unnecessary information and facts.

With both the corporate and teacher group I used the same processing method; which brings us to this weeks inquiry –

What would need to happen for you to be one step higher?

Following the team thinking they are in the right order for ZOOM I ask the following questions and the team shares answers and lessons learned;

  • Who feels they are in the right order?
  • How do you know?
  • Who feels they are in the wrong order?
  • How do you know?
  • On a scale of 0 – 10; with 0 being wrong order and 10 being perfect order…where would you rate the team?
  • What would you need in order to be one number higher i.e. if you are at a 6 what would be different if you were at a 7?
  • Can we try that?
  • Does something similar to what just happened, ever happen in your meetings, work life?
  • What would you need in order to be one number higher in your knowledge and preparedness to go ahead with work plans?
  • Can we do that?
  • How can we apply what we just spoke about?

 Thoughts: when you plan for a project how do you do it? What would you need in order to be one level more prepared? Please share your thought, feedback and comments.


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