Photo Inquiry Friday: What part of the underperformance is your fault?

Team Building and leadership expert michael cardus

Working with teams and managers through coaching and development, underperformance and how to handle a person who is just not getting the work done to Quality standards is common.

When the problem is ignored it always get worse. Improper skills and techniques in handling underperformance also makes the problem worse.

Which leads us to this weeks inquiry;

  • As a manager with an employee that is continually not getting the work done, what accountability do you have?
  • How long did you know about this?
  • In what ways did you contribute to the underperformance?
  • When did you first notice the underperformance?
  • Why are you dealing with this now?
  • Have you spoken the person in the past?
  • How serious was the conversation?
  • What would you prefer they did? How can that happen?

I know THEY are the problem, although before you choose to handle the underperformance self-reflection on what part of the system YOU AS MANAGER control that allowed this to happen is necessary.


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