Photo Inquiry Friday: What do you want to have happen?

Team Building and Leadership Expert Michael Cardus

I am not a believer in ‘The Secret’ nor do I believe much in ‘Manifesting my future’ and ‘excessive positivism’ and I never think the ‘universe is trying to tell me something’.

What I do believe is that if you want to improve your work / life the ability to articulate what you would like to have happen is a welcome change from complaining about what is wrong.

Once you can begin to state what you want to have happen, no matter how small, then you can begin to determine small steps, and be able to evaluate progress based upon your achievements.


On to the Inquiry:

What do you want to have happen?

  • You may know the problem and what you don’t want to have happen; now what do you want to have happen?
  • If someone close to you was to describe what they want you to do, how would they describe that?
  • Looking at what you want to have happen, how will you know that you have accomplished what you want?
  • On a scale of 0 – 10; with 1-being low and 10-being high, where are you today in reference to what you want to have happen?
  • What have you already done, that has put you at the number you chose?
  • In the past, how did you manage to be so successful? How else? How else?
  • Is what you want to have happen, happening already? even just a little bit? Where? How?
  • What is one small thing you can do in the next 90 minutes? When can we go-and-see?

Try it, the next time someone comes to you with a problem guide them through these questions.

Team Building Leadership Innovation expert Michael Cardus

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