Photo Inquiry Friday: What do you need to be more effective?

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I have asked the same question to two different large team building & leadership groups this week. One group was Corporate HealthCare staff the other was High School teachers. Both groups developed great ideas and support that they need in order to be more effective in getting their work done.

With the HealthCare staff I asked What do you need from your patients in order to be more effective at getting your work done?

With the High School Teachers I asked What do you need from your students in order to be more effective in getting your work done?

Following the question, in both groups, we worked to define, create and develop continued training, coaching and consulting to work with the patients and students to make these ideas into reality.


On to the inquiry:

  • Choose who you directly affect through your work, meaning who do you serve in your role. For health care group it’s patients, for teachers it’s students, for managers it’s subordinates, etc… The challenge may come if you work internally, for example an accountant within a company who doesn’t see the customer, think about it…
  • Ask What do I need from them in order to be more effective in getting my work done? What else? What else?
  • Is any of this happening already? Even a little?
  • How did you manage to make that happen?
  • What is the next step you can take to implement what you need to make your work more effective?
  • When can we go-and-see what you have done?

Please share your responses and feedback.Team Building Leadership Innovation expert Michael Cardus

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