Photo Inquiry Friday: The Team Develops and Utilizes Trust?

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Creating metrics to evaluate effectiveness of team development programs can be challenging. Attempting to get the sponsor (usually person who is paying C-level of VP level) to define what they see as great teamwork takes time.

I have created a series of questions based upon many experiences of what great teams do and what great teams have in common. One common area of great teams is Trust.

This weeks inquiry is 1 of 15 question used in my metric for determining the teams current standards of operation, then similar questions are asked later to determine an increase or decrease in the teams effectiveness.


The team develops and utilizes trust.  Trust being defined as – The ability to rely upon others to be truthful and to do as they say, and to follow established rules, procedures and custom and practice.   

1=Never; 6=Always

  • 1-2-3-4-5-6


What would it take to move up 1 point higher on the same scale?


Would love to hear your responses in the comments section.


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image by Pen Waggener

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