Photo Inquiry Friday: Structured vs. Unstructured? Does it Matter?

Team Building and leadership expert Michael Cardus

Leading and working with teams, the people who make up the team have a desire for Self-Direction (autonomy) to make their own choices AND have a desire to be Other-Directed (dependence) to be told what to do. Each has there benefits and challenges.

Each person and the collection of people on the team have varying levels of comfort with ambiguity. Each team, based upon their past, level to handle complexity, and comfort with each other, have varying levels of comfort with ambiguity.

The Inquiry;

How much autonomy? How much dependence? Where do you find the balance? Does it really matter?


Share your ideas.

By the way I shared a similar question on my FaceBook page and my friend Jim gave me an interesting response, Mina is his dog;

“When we work in agility, Mina responds very well to me when I am confident in our transitions. If I falter on the course, or appear unstructured, she bites me. Apparently unstructure is a problem for everyone.”

Team Building Innovation Leadership Expert Michael Cardus

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