Photo Inquiry Friday: Speaking vs. Doing in a Time Crunch?

team building and leadership expert michael cardus

I was with a group leading an executive communication & team development workshop and found myself in that common facilitator conundrum;

Do I explain the content that I am paid to get across experientially or verbally, in the time I have?

I am sure you have been there. The group (more importantly the person who approved paying you) has expectations of leaving with objectives met and lessons learned.

The program is moving fine then a quick glance at clock…and you only have 30 minutes left…What do you do?

This weeks inquiry;

  • How do you strike the balance between discussions, experiential, and lecture based workshops?
  • When time is of the essence – which do you sacrifice? Why?
  • In the past when you are short on time (either your poor planning or the group just could not supply you with adequate time) what steps did you take to ensure that the objectives were met?
  • Did the group even notice?
  • Did you even notice?

Would love to hear some thoughts, successes, challenges and your solutions (they would help the community and me greatly)

Thank You.


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image by Sean MacEntee

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