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Photo Inquiry Friday: Please share an example?

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Asking for an example is a quick way to move through confused or ambiguous or defensive talk.

Here is an example:

We need Ted, the IT project coordinator, to return customer calls sooner.

How soon?

Sooner than he is right now.

Can you give me an example of  a customer call that Ted returned fast enough? and an example of a customer call Ted did not return fast enough? 

Another Example:

We need to decrease the amount of time this team takes to make a decision.

How fast should the team make a decision?

Faster then they are right now.

Can you give me an example of when the team made a decision fast enough? and an example of when the team took too long to make a decision?


On to the inquiry:

Can you share an example?

This question pulls the speaker and team back into a shared reality. I have used this question many times on boards and teams I work with.

Please try it and let me know what works.


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