Photo Inquiry Friday: How far have you gotten? What worked to get you there? What does x + 1 look like?

define the goal; where are you now; what got you there; what is your next step create-learning team building and leadership SOLVED Method

Often resistance to change is just the lack of clarity.

Taking the time to be clear on what the goal or end of the process will look like and defining with clarity what is expected can be enough to move people and yourself into action.

Everyone sees the end of a process at different lengths (time-spans) this is why developing small steps or small-wins quickly can help to gain momentum.


On to the Inquiry:

Four questions that can affect the outcome of so much. I have used these four question on everything from developing with a team of engineers a new way to create a bolt in a quicker time, wasting less materials…to a team of C-level executives who wanted to develop a new organizational culture as they were growing rapidly and hiring new staff…to working with a middle school group on finding ways to reduce bullying in their classes.

The question are as deep as needed by the person asking and answering:

  • What is the goal?

  • On a scale of 0 – 10 with 10 being the goal is complete and 0 being the opposite; where are you today?

  • What worked / was effective to get you to where you are?

  • What does +1 on the same scale look like?

Try the four questions above and see what happens. It works with organizations, teams and individuals.


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