Photo Inquiry Friday: Do people or the systems that they work in create bad behaviors?

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Team Building and leadership expert Michael Cardus

Ever since I used this image in my “10 Team Dynamics That Produce Results” video I have been obsessed with it. I mean like staring at it 10-15 times a day obsessed!

The father who took this image wrote “No children were squished in the taking of this picture…it’s a statue” WOW it looks so real!

Plus it fits so well with “#8. Maladaptive behaviors are properly dealt with immediately & have consequences.”

On to the Inquiry;

Do people or the systems that they work in create bad behaviors?

You know what I mean, it is really wondering “Why would a sane person, who is like me choose to be that much of an Asshole at work?”

  • Is the person just acting out of some deep seated psychological need to be obstinate?
  • OR are they just reacting to a bad system that has forced these behaviors because they have a total loss of control and need to regain it somehow?
  • If you believe and I do that Systems-Drive-Behaviors, for adults in the world of work can the system be identified?
  • Does this belief shift the blame and accountability from the individual to the “system”? If that is the case, we are opening a can of wiggly worms my friend!

I wonder what you think? Please share your ideas and let me know if I am crazy or not.


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