There are some pretty fabulous blogs – Punk Rock HR and AskAManager – writing about petty stuff. I love reading other people’s issues – it makes me feel sort of normal, if that is actually possible.

So keeping with the petty spirit, here are my petty annoyances.

Really dislike when someone takes credit for my work or my words. REALLY.
Really dislike when a caller is surprised that I answer the phone and says,”oh I thought I would get your voicemail.” My thoughts – “I can hang up, you can call back and get my voicemail.” But I don’t.
Really dislike when someone says, “is there someone else I can talk to about this?” Sure, there is an entire Internet of people would love to talk to you. Why ask me?
Really annoyed with people who can’t figure out that you shouldn’t park on the line. You should park between them.

Petty. I told you.

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