Peter Block on Community Conversations that lead to Change

Peter Block creates a brilliant case for brain-based-community-building through conversations that transform.

Conversations that create community transformation  for Block, include invitation, possibility, ownership, dissent, commitment and gifts. Do you agree?

Interestingly, each of Block’s  entry points to transformation, also offer  segues into brain based communication.

Invitational conversation welcomes diversity with an emphasis on leaving no brain behind.

Possibility – for Block is an act of imagination of what we can create collaboratively in future. It  replaces problem solving which seeks to improve the past.

Ownership ensures that the community is ours to create, and is built on the fact that people best create that which they own.

Dissent creates space for diversity to get valued in Block’s world and in ours when tone skills create civil discourse.

Commitment as Block lays it out in personal promises to support the community, calls for a highly developed intrapersonal intelligence.

Gifts represent people’s core capability and that contribution which is freely offered and openly received in community.

For Peter Block, ideal communities offer empowerment, stewardship and accountability for all. For MITA Brain Based Approaches community is the opposite of toxic workplaces that often fragment and overwhelm our world. For both – leaders and followers exchange places back and forth on a regular basis and for mutual dividends.

Striking  similarities between  Block’s work and MITA brain based work fill the pages of this amazing book. Delightful differences invite questions that  stir curiosity.

Questions such as –  How can we rejuvenate learning communities as entry points for ongoing transformation at work? What’s your take?

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