Personalized Service Interactions Are The Only Way To Differentiate!

The age of personalization is upon us.  A decade ago, mass customization and personalization did not permeate our businesses and our society like it does today.  Now, it is growing exponentially!

Your customers, just like almost every customer, want their product, their experience, their interaction personalized.  The tremendous challenge in service and exceeding expectations is that they change moment to moment, day to day and interaction to interaction.

I know – just like the smartest organizations around the world know – that to keep the customers you have and to win new customers, you must look at every interaction as an opportunity to create delight.

Because expectations, wants, needs and desires change with each and every interaction and with each and every customer, it is critically important that every person in your organization ask, “Are we treating the customer the way they want to be treated?”

I believe with absolute certainty that the winners of the personalization economy are going to be those individuals, those teams and those companies that learn how to create authentic, personalized, fast, flexible and hassle-free interactions every time, every day, no matter what!

I think the best way to apply these principles in every interaction is by asking yourself: “Am I treating the other human being how they desire / crave / expect to be treated?” 

If not, why not?

I think it is critically important that you and every other human being learn how to create and deliver personalized service interactions. This is the only way to make you and your company recession proof.

If you want to learn how to create the interactions that every human being craves and be in a position to protect your customer from the competitor who wants to steal them, this is the best way!

What I also know for certain is if you don’t personalize you will be commoditized!

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