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Personal Knowledge Management

Teach a man to fish…

PKM: Figuring out what’s important to you, how to find it, how to keep up with it, how to make sense of it, how to recall it when you need it anew, and how to share it with others — this is ground zero for mining the riches of the web. Bookstore shelves overflow with books on blogging, but I’ve yet to see one on PKM.

Harold Jarche has written some great posts about PKM. But for those of you have a tough time seeing the trees for the forest, I decided to clean up my PKM framework and show you what I do rather than talk about it.

My links page is my launch pad. I’ve maintained a page like this for a dozen years. It may be my ADD; I need some semblance of structure. The launch page begins with frequent destinations. The little lobster signals my restaurant page; the plane, my travel numbers and suppliers. (These are screen shots; go to the links page if you want to play with the real thing. You’ll find some pages that are private.)

To the right of the clocks are a Google search of all my sites and an Amazon search box; I use these incessantly.

Mind you, I”m forever tweaking the launch page as my interests (and the web) change. Below the frequent destinations, I keep URLs of online services I tap into. To the right, blogs… although the list is a little flaky. I read a dozen blogs in the mail and many more in Google Reader.

To the right of that section are feeds I like and local organizations & events.

I use the bottom of the page to store frequently used graphics. No more searching all over for a common icon.

That’s the top layer of my Personal Knowledge Management set-up.

If you visit the links page, you’ll see subsidiary pages such as the Research page and my¬† Delicious tags.

I stash the social connections on my home page:

The home page is also the entry into my articles, groups, books, and so on:

One page I recommend visiting is this page of other people’s work. I plan to expand it soon.

Seminal Documents

How do you organize your PKM?

I set the foundations of my approach before we had tags, billions of choices, and responsive search engines. There’s bound to be an easier way.


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