Personal infrastructure

The first computers I used were gigantic contraptions on raised floors in glass-walled, air-conditioned rooms. Maintenance was a nightmare. I remember wiggling circuit boards to make sure they were seated in their slots. I could never have imagined we’d one day have computers installed in our homes!

Here at the Command Center of Internet Time Group, I am the systems analyst, programmer, repair person, and janitor. Five computers, three printers, and a bunch of oddball peripherals. When something stops working, it’s up to me to fix it. And I am not very handy with this stuff.

Yesterday was not good. My Mac Mini gave me the black screen of death:

The “Contact Me” scripts on my sites stopped working when an ISP changed their file permissions. I went looking for documentation, only to find that my automatic backup stoppped working in February:

Oh, well. Things could be worse. Soon they were. My access to the net became squirrely.  While I supposedly had 20MB downstream bandwidth, Gmail refused to load.

I guess whatever was going on was the reason my Google calendar fell apart.

I have a webinar coming up in about an hour. Well, I did. When I tried to log in a few minutes ago, I got this message:

“We are conducting an unscheduled maintenance of our data center.
We expected to be available soon. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

If I make it through the day, I’m going to cut the power on everything and give myself and the machines a few hours to calm down. The first few things I mentioned I understand. The weird behavior with Google apps is a mystery.

This is pushing me into the cloud. While I’m really accustomed to having onsite computers, I might just dump all these machines and buy a few web terminals. Everything should work fine until the electricity goes off.

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